As snowflakes dance and the spirit of festivity fills the air, December arrives with promises of joy, warmth, and celebration. At Reecia’s, we’re thrilled to unwrap the magic of the season and share our December highlights with you. This month, join us in celebrating not just the holidays but also the incredible talents of our stylists and estheticians who bring beauty and joy to every visit.

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1. Gift Boxes with Iris van Herpen: Elevate your gifting game with our exclusive Gift Boxes, a collaboration with the visionary Iris van Herpen. These boxes are a harmonious blend of art and beauty, making them the perfect expression of love and appreciation.

2 . Giving Back with Whitefish Housing Authority: This Holiday Season, Reecia’s is honored to partner with the Whitefish Housing Authority to make a meaningful impact in our community. Purchase a $20 ticket for a chance to win a luxurious Shampure gift set and a $25 spa gift card. As you participate, know that 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting low and mid-income housing initiatives. Feel the joy of giving and the magic of the season.

As we close the curtain on 2023, let us come together to celebrate the spirit of community, artistry, and generosity. Reecia’s Salon and Spa is not just a destination for beauty; it’s a place where hearts are touched, and connections are made.

Wishing you a December filled with love, laughter, and moments of pure enchantment.