Women's Cut$38$43$48$53$65
Men's Cut$26$31$36$41$47
Glow Out
(Shine Treatment with Shampoo Style)
Shine Treatment Add to Service$25$25$25$25$25
Shampoo Style & Toner$57$62$67$72$77
Tone Add to Service$25$25$25$25$25
Color Gross$45$50$55$65$77
Root Touchup$55$60$65$75$89
Haircut/Root Touchup$93$103$113$128$154
Root Touch/Ends Refresh$85$90$95$105$119
Partial Highlight$60$65$70$85$100
Full Highlights$80$85$90$105$125
Flash Highlights$40$45$50$55$60
Haircut/Partial Highlight$98$108$118$138$165
Haircut/Full Highlight$118$128$138$158$190
Flash Balayage$45$50$60$65$75
Partial Balayage$75$85$95$105$115
Full Balayage$165$175$185$195$235
Grey Blending$28$30$30$30$30
Men's Cut & Grey Blending$48$58$66$70$75
Additional Color$10-$40$10-$40$10-$40$10-$40$10-$40
Cancellations: We provide all guests with a courtesy confirmation via text or email the day prior to your service. In return we request a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or 
reschedule your appointment. This allows us to accommodate other salon guests who may be on our wait list. If a guest has failed to give adequate notice on two (2) separate
occasions, they will be required to prepay for future appointments or only be seen on a walking basis.
Reservations/ Online Booking:
A credit card number is required to reserve appointments for any guest booking online, or booking multiple services. A $50.00 deposit is required for new guests to reserve new set
eyelash extensions and  balayage services at consultation, deposit is forfeited for late cancellation or “no show”. If you fail to cancel/reschedule your appointment(s) 24 hours in 
advance you will be charged 50% of your scheduled service(s). “No shows” will be charged 100% of scheduled service price.

Online Booking – Scan or click the QR Code below

For all Hair Color Services, please call the salon at 406-863-9900 to book your appointment.