What’s new at Reecia’s? December 2019 Edition
* Cherry Almond Gift set is perfect for someone who wants smooth, soft hair, likes bright floral aromas, or even your curly-haired friend!
* Shampure gift set. Full size shampoo and conditioner with a mini body wash and Hand Relief… all in the calming Shampure aroma.

* Speed Of Light blow dray spray cuts dry time in half. Plus 2 hair clips and a purse sized hairspray. Pop in and see our gift sets. Can’t decide? Give us your budget, and we can help you find the perfect gift.

* Nutriplenish: Omega 5 pomegranate oil, mango seed butter, and coconut oils hydrates hair from the inside out. And as always, plant-based and vegan.

* Congratulations to Daphne for 3 years here on the Reecia’s Team. We love you for your work ethic, encouraging attitude, and unending quest for knowledge. Happy Work-a-versary, Daphne!
* Help us welcome Debbie Huntington back to the Esthetics team. She will be offering facials, peels, and spa services while back for the winter!
Copper glaze by our #AvedaArtist Nikki B.
Microblading is a semi-permanent hairstrokes tattoo done by a hand held tool. Each stroke is placed with precision and to mimic your natural hair and hair pattern, thus giving you the most natural result as possible.
▫️7-14days to heal
▫️Will lighten 20%
▫️Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type
📱Call 406.863.9900 to book your consultation.
* Happy Holidays!
* Merry Christmas
* Happy New Year!
* We are hiring! Are you the perfect fit?
https://reeciasalonandspa.com/careers/ – We are always looking for great talent with passion, professionalism and creativity who embody our mission. We have established training programs and extensive ongoing education for new talent and welcome those interested in working for our company. To apply for a position or inquire, please download our application and attach your resume, one of our directors will get back to you regarding employment opportunities.
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