Reecia’s Salon – Upcoming ONLINE Aveda Offers and Savings – 2.1.22 – 2.15.22

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– Transform your hair in 10 minutes with molecular plant repair that strengthens from the inside out. Add a Botanical Repair Treatment to your next visit & leave with stronger, softer, shinier locks. Schedule yours by calling 406-863-9900, or book online today!


– Two new power tools for your dry-hair arsenal: Nutriplenish Light & Deep Masques. Quench fine or thin hair with the fast-absorbing Light formula, while thick & textured tresses get the decadent Deep treatment.

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– Shower your locks with love today. Aveda’s Botanical Repair line uses revolutionary plant-powered, bond-building technology to deliver stronger, healthier-looking hair. Treat yourself (or someone you love) by getting your Aveda’s Botanical Repair line today


– How much thicker would your hair be … if you could avoid breakage, protect it from damage, & optimize your scalp conditions to stimulate growth? Find out by switching to the Invati Advanced system, made with nature’s most powerful ingredients. Call us with questions & to pick it all up curbside.


– Wave buh-bye to dry hands with Aveda’s Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme. This bestseller quenches thirsty skin with plant oils that moisturize, condition & seal in softness. Call 406-863-9900  or tap to shop HERE. 


– Fuller hair starts with scalp care. Aveda’s Invati Advanced 3-Step System deeply nourishes the scalp while thickening, strengthening, and hydrating hair. LEARN MORE. 


Thank you for caring for the planet, one product at a time! By choosing Aveda’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free products, you help conserve water, mitigate climate change & reduce energy consumption—while LOVING your hair & skin. Call us at 406-863-9900 for product advice & curbside pickup, or shop online: