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May 2014

We Have Another $75 Gift Certificate Winner!

The Reecia’s Salon and Spa $75 APRIL Gift Certificate Giveaway Winner is: SONJA B.

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Our MAY $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway will be presented on MAY 31ST, 2014

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Clean Water!

Thank you to all who donated to clean water efforts! Together we raised $1965.00!

Mothers day special! Get a $100.00 gift card for $75.00 good though May 10th MOM'S LESS STRESS

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Pure Privilege Mother's Day 2014

Angie MenssenAngie’s Corner

Why should I do a peel? 
Peels are a way to gently exfoliate skin to reduce fine lines and pores. They usually contain a type of acid. If the acid content is too strong, damage to the skin, scabbing and age spots (hyperpigmentation) may occur. There are Lactic acid peels, salicylic acid peels and Glycolic acid peels. At Aveda we have a very holistic approach to peels. We do not damage or compromise the skin. We use a plant based peel that has a very small amount of salicylic acid derived from Wintergreen.
How often should I have a peel?
Depending on what type of results you want to get; you can get an Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel as often as every two weeks. I think one peel a month for 6 months is the best for preventing superficial aging. Medi-Spa and higher acid based peels usually can be performed every 5 years.  Aveda Peels can be performed more frequently because the skin is not damaged. There is no healing process with a holistic peel, just cell turn over processes.
I want a peel, but I have sensitive skin. Am I a candidate for a peel?
Possibly. While the peel becomes warm, (due to its thermal composition) it doesn’t burn. A patch test behind the ear would be the best way to find out. I have performed the peel on sensitive skin types, and a rising of the blood to the skin surface temporally made this skin pink for 30 min after the peel. Aveda’s Plant Peel has soothing organic Argan oils, Chestnut Seed extract, and Shea butter to replenish the skin so it isn’t left  raw or parched.
How much is a peel at Reecia’s Salon and Spa?
It is 55$ for one peel. If you have it added on to a facial it is  $35. If you are spa member it is $25 and we have a Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel Package of $330 for a series of 8.
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