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May 2014

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Angie’s Corner
Angie MenssenMy skin has been acting strangely it feels bumpy and I’m having more breakouts than usual. What could that be?
I have had this complaint a lot lately. There could be a host of things causing the bumps and breakouts; but these are the most common.
1. Using too much product. Too much cleanser can harm skin, Too much exfoliation can irritate skin. Too much moisturizer can clog skin . Less is More!
2. Dietary changes. Are you eating better or worse? Does your skin ever react to sugar? Dairy? Certain nuts or vegetables? Pay attention to when your skin acts up.
3. Washing your face too much. Our skin has an eco-system that balances good bacteria, moisture (water/ oil) balance, sebum, and a pH balance. Don’t over do it keep this eco system in balance. Don’t over wash.
4. With spring and summer we begin to get a little more serious about sunscreens and sun block. If you are protecting your skin with heavier products you will have to exfoliate a little more than you did this winter.
5. Lots of Makeup. Let your skin breathe. Can you imagine trying to breathe through moisturizer, foundation/primer/ powder, blush, bronzer? Less is always more. Wash your face at night to allow your skin to breathe.
6. Dirty pillow cases.
7. Dirty Phones.
8.Stress. Hormones and stress can attack your face. Use whatever method you like to chill out and do it regularly.
Its free to come to the salon and have me look at you under my Dermascope. I have a 30X magnifier and light as bright as the sun. I can give you free advice!!

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