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Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day 2014

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December Deals

December Deals 2014



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The Reecia’s Salon and Spa $75 NOVEMBER Gift Certificate Giveaway Winner isCAROL M.

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Our DECEMBER $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway will be presented on DECEMBER 30TH, 2014.

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Angie’s Corner

Angie MenssenOnce upon a time ago a young girl grew up on a cattle ranch in South East Montana. She loved makeup and playing with her mothers clothes from the 70s. One day her father found a giant pink caboodle in the ditch. He looked inside and saw that itAngie says good bye to an old friend 1 was filled with makeup brushes and high end makeup. He brought it home to his sheltered daughter because they lived in the boonies and he was thought she would like to play with this makeup. She was so excited to have brushes for the first time! Her mother made sure that she sanitized the brushes and only let her keep a few of the newer looking items. Her mother didn’t want her to get a disease . For 16 years, this Belle of the Rosebud County treasured a periwinkle, off brand, shedding, chipped, found in a ditch makeup brush. One day she cheated on the periwinkle brush with a Kabuki brush. It felt soft, it picked up the perfect amount of blush and bronzer. It was time to let go of the brush that was leaving long black hairs on her face. She is now living happily ever after with Avedas Uruku Kabuki brush. If you have an old, embarrassing makeup tool or compact please do yourself a favor and try our flaxseed brushes. Buy your daughter this brush for Christmas and she will have them for as long as she wears makeup


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