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Congratulations to Stella!

Stella- Congrats!

She has reached her goals and benchmarks and has been promoted to senior stylist.

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Angie’s Makeup tip 

Angie's New Year's Make Up event 3 with credentialsMy mascara was becoming dry, but I knew there was more in there. I knew from past experiences that adding water was a bad idea. I had read that visine works well to prolong the life of mascara. I tried it…it was separated and it was too runny. I could just buy a new mascara, but I kept on forgetting. Finally, my mascara was so dry that it quit making that little “plonk”noise when I would open it. I decided that I had no choice but to add 5 drops of “Color options Eye Shadow Transformer” to my spoolie. Aveda Product- Color options Eye Shadow TransformeAfter that I had TWO solid weeks of glossy, thick, creamy like NEW mascara. The best part about adding the Transformer to the “Mosscara” is that it actually lasted about 4 hours longer, and I knew it was safe for my eyes. Plus its petroleum free. Color options Eyeshadow transformer is one of the most versatile product in our makeup line. Swipe it on your lid to prevent creasing eyeshadow, and prolong color. Dip your eyeliner brush in Transformer to create eyeliner from eyeshadow. For special occasions I scrape eyeshadow on a hard surface, I add one drop of transformer;mix and you have budge proof, intense boldness eyeshadow. Not to mention it will buy you two weeks of like new mascara. One bottle is 25 bucks, it lasts a year and its made from palm glycerin and Larch Tree sap, but don’t worry it is lightweight and oil free.

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