Nikki Montana winter'

We are full on into Montana winter and many of you are growing in your beards. Beard lovers rejoice!

I get a lot of questions from men asking if beard hair is like head hair and should they take care of their facial hair differently.

The answer is yes and no respectively. Beard hair, is just like head hair. It’s made up of the same proteins and it grows from follicles just under the skin. Generally speaking, beard hair feels more coarse and can feel thicker (or thinner) than the hair that grows out of your head.

Beard maintenance is similar to head hair maintenance.

Just like the hair that grows out of your head, your beard needs three things to

look and feel it’s best:

First, you need to wash your beard. Beards attract all kinds of build-up whether it’s oils and dirt from your hands, food particles, or just general pollution from your day. Those toxins build up in your beard clogging the pores of your face underneath causing irritation and breakouts. Use a quality shampoo. I recommend Aveda Men’s Shampoo. It provides a protective barrier for skin and scalp as well as soothes dry, irritated skin. It smells like lemon,spearmint and vetiver (manly.) If you want something less manly smelling but not girly, I would also recommend Aveda’s Shampure Shampoo. This aroma is bergamot, lemon and lavender.

Second, condition. I don’t know why, but this is a step most men think they can skip. Please don’t. Just like the hair on your head, you need the moisture for your beard. Aveda sells both the Aveda Men’s Conditioner as well as the Shampure Conditioner.

Finally, use an oil for your beard. Because most beards are coarse and exposed more to the elements of daily life, you need a quality beard oil. There is a fad going around on Reddit and a few men’s magazines suggesting the use of coconut oil. Please do not use coconut oil on your hair, beard or otherwise! Coconut oil has many benefits and can certainly provide an element of moisture to hair. The problem is that the build-up is thick and does not penetrate hair in a way that moisturizes from the inside. Washing the waxy buildup of coconut oil from hair can be arduous and end up drying out the hair. I recommend Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil. This oil has a mild scent of rosemary, bergamot and ginger lily. It is a leave-in treatment that instantly moisturizes dry, brittle hair (sound like your beard?) by 41%! Pomegranate, sunflower and olive oils help moisturize hair and adds just a touch of shine. It only takes two drops to get your beard in the healthiest condition!

If you’ve been wondering what to do for just a little too long and your beard has grown wiley, come in and let me shape you up. Call us at 406-863-9900 to book your appointment.