Have you had a whiff of our Chakra Balancing Body Sprays? – By Angie Menssen

Angie - Body sprays

They are Ayurvedically formulated to balance your Chakras. A Chakra is a spinning wheel of energy located at specific points in your body. A great way to understand how they work is, think of a junction where mind and body connect.

There are seven Chakras from Root to Crown that can affect your mood or disposition. Everyone knows what you mean when you have had a broken heart. Your heart wasn’t really broken, but your emotions would tell you different.  There is a heart Chakra location in your body that can glow  when you fall in love.

We have an essential oil blend that you may enjoy when the Heart Chakra needs to be balanced. Chakra 5 has grapefruit, rosemary and ylang ylang. Chakra 5 is located in the throat, and conveys expression.

Ever said too much or not enough? The expression or 5th Chakra allows the flow of communication. These Body Sprays are made with pure essential oils that are 90% organic. You can use them as perfume, meditation or room sprays.

I love when my guests choose a different Chakra each time they visit in their aroma sensory journey. Come in and I will help you find yours.  

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